about us
 is a leading developer of specialized software applications mainly designed to meet the business requirements of Venue Owners, Organizers, and Exhibitors in the Events industry worldwide.

BSS is currently engaged in over 100 projects worldwide.

With an optimal mix of practical exhibition industry experience, leading technology, and consultancy, BSS is a smart choice and partner in developing web-based solutions.

Our clients' realization over the years has been that BSS provides an on-line strategy that not only saves them money, but also starts making money before, during, and after their actual show event.

In Macedonia, BSS offers the unique web administration and maintenance tool, WebStudio. WebStudio offers innovative and successful solutions for companies from various industry segments. It is involved in service-providing companies, real estate, interior and exterior design, as well as big corporations with own networks of clients and services.
All of our clients have specific requests, however always with the same purpose – to increase the measurable results of their business.

BSS is also engaged in the support of the Macedonian Cultural and Information Centre, a web-based info centre, operating under Babylon Software Solutions, aiming to promote Macedonia and its outstanding, yet insufficiently promoted cultural heritage.

Having been a success on the market for five years, Babylon Software Solutions looks forward to a promising future thanks to:
  1. exceptional staff
  2. careful planning
  3. potential of the targeted market segments

The enthusiasm of the management and the company's 25 employees will by all means stimulate the envisioned growth.

More information on Babylon Software Solution can be obtained through the official websites: